EP29: Are Feelings Safe? (Part 1 in the Feelings February Series)

In the October class of The Little School of Big Change, an innocent enough question was posted on our forum, meant for me to address in our upcoming group call.

It said: “Can you say a bit about how feelings are safe?”

On that particular November day, this super typical and relatable question blew my mind.

How is it that we have come to question the safety in a feeling?

! What is a feeling, anyway? What are feelings made of and from where do they come?

What do they show us…how do they guide us through life (See EP17 for a lot on this one!)?

What are the implications of fearing our feelings? How do we find peace when we think feelings aren’t safe?

These questions form the basis of this Feelings February special feature on Changeable.

Because feeling safe and ‘at home’ in our own inner-created experience puts us in a place where change is happening left and right. We’re thriving.

And fearing our experience…even questioning the safety of it….puts us on guard. Resisting. Straight into our heads. Innocently in the way of change.

I hope this Feelings February series helps you feel even just a little bit more ‘at home’ in your own experience.

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