Special EP: Gratitude and Contentment in the New Paradigm


It’s Wednesday and I’m here with an episode for you.

The episode that follows is actually Episode 19, which originally aired this week last year. Even if you listened to it then, consider giving it another listen.

One of the things that so fun about this New Paradigm, aside from all that it opens up for us and the freedom it has to offer, is that it flips our traditional ideas about how things work on their head.

Gratitude is one of my favorite examples of that. Appreciation and giving thanks are things we do, yes. They are well worth doing.

AND, they are far bigger than actions. They are our default. They are within us, waiting to be felt and found and discovered. They are what’s there when our conceptual mind quiets down.

They are revealed, always there, within us.

Enjoy this rerun of one of my favorite episodes and THANK YOU for listening. I am very grateful for you!

And as another thank you…at the end of the episode you’ll get a special promo code to check out my new holiday course, A Brand New Experience of the Holidays: How to NOT Eat, Drink, or Spend your way into the New Year! So listen all the way through for that.

I’m very grateful for you. xx



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