In this episode, I talk with Teri Whiteman and Claudette Dietlin about Nature. 

Human nature. Mother nature. 

“Inside” nature. “Outside” nature. 

Same same. 

No, seriously. Same same. We humans are nature, and we operate by the same Principles as nature. Do you know that? Like, really know it? 

The difference between you and a tree is that you have a brain and a mind that can tell stories (including stories about how much more special people are than trees, how life should and shouldn’t be going…you get the idea).

It’s incredibly mind-opening to see how the laws of nature govern you and I. I think you’re going to love this conversation.

If you want to spend a weekend in nature with Teri and Claudette, exploring these connections more deeply, check out the amazing retreat they are leading in early March. They talk about it at the end of this episode, too: The Nature of You Retreat.

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