I’ve seen so many people suffer over the idea that they don’t know their “purpose”. 

It’s not purpose’s fault. But “purpose”, or  better yet “soul purpose”, as Kirk Souder often talks and writes about it, just sounds so big. So important. And sometimes so mysterious.

We make up how it would look and feel if we were aligned with our soul’s purpose. We expect it to look a particular way and we conclude that everyone has a purpose except for us. Ours is a mystery and because we don’t know what it is, we’re missing out.

If any of that is familiar, you’re going to love this conversation with Kirk Souder.

Kirk is co-founder and head leadership coach at enso, an organization that works with leaders and brands around the world such as Nike, Disney, Virgin, Visa, Google, The White House, and Obama for America. Kirk coaches high-impact leaders to find their greatest possibility in leadership, purpose, and impact.

You’ll hear in my voice how much I loved this conversation with Kirk. You’ll see that your purpose is right under your nose, hiding in plain sight. And the path toward it is far simpler than it seems. 

See more about enso here: https://www.enso.co/

See the book Kirk co-wrote, The Soul Purpose Method, here: https://www.amazon.com/Soul-Purpose-Method-Discover-Co-create/dp/1733294600

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