EP89: Phobias and Other Illusions

Phobias are one of my favorite things to coach. They are also one of the absolute best illustrations of how our experience works. 

When you have a phobia, you aren’t afraid of the thing you think you’re afraid of. You’re afraid of thought. Period. 

It’s amazing to see how a mind defends what it believes. There are a million made up reasons and justifications for our phobias but the thing is…those reasons and justifications are slippery. When closely looked at, they really don’t make much sense. 

This is one of my favorite episodes of this podcast because, for the first time ever, I give you a sneak peak into one of our graduate community Little School of Big Change calls. 

This is one of those episodes that has the potential to blow your mind wide open to a brand new way of seeing things. I hope you enjoy it! 


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