Children with Wizard of Oz charactersShe thought she was lost. She thought she couldn’t do it on her own.⁠

She searched and searched. She sought out teachers and guides and supposed wizards. ⁠

She went on a journey. She made new friends and learned about herself and her powers along the way. But the journey didn’t get her any closer to home because she was home the whole time. ⁠

She had the power all along, she just didn’t know it. ⁠

You might say she was overthinking it. We do that too. We think over what’s there all along as we think up problems, identities, what we’re lacking, and what we need. As we strategize and search to find what’s already there. ⁠

It’s okay to search. Like Dorothy, you’ll likely make some new friends and learn a lot along the way. But don’t forget that it’s not necessary. ⁠

You have what you’re looking for. You’re already always home. ⁠

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