Family in front of an RV Perspective A couple weeks ago, I boarded a 36 ft. RV with my family. That’s us just before taking off. We look happy, don’t we?
The day we picked up the RV, it was huge. It had a king size bed, 1.5 baths, and 3 televisions. Insane, right?
By the morning of Day 2, it was a little less huge. It was super fun, but 4 people, a tiny dog, and all of our stuff made it a bit smaller than we thought.
By the morning of Day 4, my husband and I wondered: Is this thing shrinking? I swear the pop-outs popped out further the day before.
By the morning of Day 7, this ridiculously mammoth RV felt teeny tiny. If we had taken a selfie the day we dropped of the RV and returned to our modest home–which now felt like the Palace of Versailles–we would have looked as happy as when we boarded.
We’re never experiencing life as it is, only life energy filtered by our in-this-moment perspective. I love that about life. The same things get to change over and over again.

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