EP180: Your Nature is to Thrive with Joe Bailey

Joe Bailey is back on the podcast!

Joe’s new book, Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane: Unlocking Resilience in Turbulent Times, is all about resilience. 

After this conversation with Joe, resilience felt even truer and deeper and simpler than ever. It’s not that “you” are resilient, or “I” am resilient (whoever “you” and “I” are). It’s that life is resilience. Nature is thriving, period. 

In this conversation and in his book, Joe shares some incredible stories of resilience, which are really just stories about how life works. I think you’ll come away feeling from this conversation with a feeling for how essential and true resilience truly is. 

Here’s Joe’s new book if you’d like to check it out: ​​https://www.amazon.com/Thriving-Eye-Hurricane-Unlocking-Resilience/dp/1642506605


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