EP185: There is no such thing as willpower

There’s a good reason I talk about the no-willpower approach to change. There is no such thing as willpower. 

Well, don’t take my word for it. Explore for yourself, as you listen to this episode. What if there is no such thing as willpower?

What if what we call willpower is thought saying “I’m going to do x” and then thought either saying “Yay, I did it!” or “Boo, I failed”?

What if the very real feeling of exerting willpower is just a story we’ve been taught to tell? An I-am-making-it-happen story. 

That would actually make a lot of sense, wouldn’t it, given that we all know that no matter how much willpower we appear to have, we don’t have access to it all the time? The results of “willpower” are inconsistent at best. 

Maybe that’s because it doesn’t truly exist? 

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