You Will Never Feel Secure

You Will Never Feel SecureThe search for something that will make us feel complete can literally never be won.

I’m not saying it’s difficult, it will run you ragged, or maybe try something else instead.

I’m saying it’s impossible.

The idea that something can be missing–the seeking itself–is the illusion of separation. It’s the illusion that there is a fragile, needy “me” that is separate from the whole of life.

It’s the illusion that I’m an island over here, witnessing the rest of life over there.

It’s the illusion that there is an inside (where I am) and outside (where everything and everyone else is).

With a belief in separation, there is no option but to feel insecure, unsafe, and not enough. This has nothing to do with personality. It has nothing to do with confidence or self-assuredness. Self-assuredness itself is about an apparently separate-from-the-whole self that is either relatively assured or relatively unassured, but completely separate and unique, either way.

A separate me will always appear to need things to secure itself. If there is “something else”, something other than THIS, the “me” is going to want it.

Can you see how an island of a me, over here, inside (not outside), can’t ever not lack?

The lack thought is the same as the me thought
The need thought is the same as the me thought
The fear thought is the same as the me thought
The more, less, enough, or not enough thoughts are the same as the me thought
The time thought and the space thought = the separate me thought

Thankfully, “me” is a thought. Separation is a thought. Literally all beliefs–everything you think you know–are just thoughts.

It’s thought and stories, all the way down.

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