You Don’t Have a Life, You are Life

Life cannot be against you, for you  are life itself You don’t have a life.

That’s just the way your brain presents things in apparent time and space. Calories are burned making it appear as if you are an independent you, over here, separate and distinct from something called life.

That supposedly separate and distinct you doesn’t own a life, as if it’s some sort of possession.

You are life. “You” and “life” are one energy. Everything is.

When it looks like you’re a you and you have a life, you have a lot of responsibility. Managing a life is a big job.

You have to try to control stuff. You can mess it up. You have all this free will, as a separate self and all, that you better use the right way. When you believe you have free will and things go “wrong”, it’s all your fault, you know.

It’s heavy. Contracted. Tight.

When you are life itself, you don’t have anything. You are everything.

There is nothing to manage, mess up, or lose. There is just a constant dance of this one energy, taking different shapes, doing different dances, but all unfolding on its own.

When you are life, there is no you to cause things to happen or not happen. No you to be at fault. No credit, no blame. Not the same heaviness or tightness.

Just different dances being danced.

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