Gazeless Gaze

Gazeless Gaze “Establish a drishti, a gazeless gaze toward something in the room that’s not moving,” the teacher tells the class. 

My eyes settle on a grain of white wood molding where the floor and wall meet, about seven feet in front of me. The instant my gaze settles into that spot, my body is steadier. 

When we have something stable to look toward, it grounds us. We feel balanced and secure in tree pose and in life…

…My favorite definition of the word “drishti” has two parts. First, a drishti is something that allows us to withdraw our senses from what’s moving. Second—and this part takes my breath away every time I hear it—drishti is a form of self-discovery, a way to know ourselves and to discover what’s true. 

A way to know ourselves. Our true selves. 

And a way to discover what’s true. What’s true is what’s unchanging, beyond our ever-changing experience. 

– Excerpt from Just a Thought: A No-Willpower Approach to End Self-Doubt and Make Peace with Your Mind. Available now.  



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