EP206: Money with Giles Croft

All of life is a projection. Perhaps one of the easiest places to see this is with money. 

In this conversation, Dr. Giles Croft and I have a conversation about the made-up, projected nature of life, particularly around money. 

We discuss made up ideas like “enough”, security (which Giles says means free of care), that money has anything at all to do with peace of mind, and a lot more.

We share our own experiences feeling like we have enough, more than enough, and not enough at various points in life, and we talk about how truly fluid everything is, including our financial status and our experience. 

We hope you come away from this episode seeing just how beautifully neutral money truly is. 

To see more about Giles and his work, visit: https://www.gilespcroft.com

For a report on the impact of this understanding on wellbeing, check out https://www.gilespcroft.link/whatworks


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