You Don’t Have to be OK With Anything

You Don't Have to be OK With Anything It’s fine if you’re not okay with what you’re experiencing. 


Being okay with what’s arising is not a requirement. It’s not the ticket to freedom or the key to satisfaction or anything that dramatic. 

Experience doesn’t care how okay with it you are. Experience is just experience; it is thought, rising and falling. No biggie. 

And “okay with” is also experience, thought, rising and falling. 

And the “you” who would be okay with or not okay with experience is also experience, thought, rising and falling. 

See that? Only a mind chops up this single stream of life and calls some of it “experience”, some of it “okay with” and some of it “I am”. Only a mind makes up a story about what it means if one part of the stream likes or doesn’t like another part of the stream. A mind makes up what liking or not liking will produce, what it will lead to, and what it all means about “you”.

It’s kind of like a river pouring itself into a number of buckets and then arguing about how the buckets are supposed to feel about each other. 

So, we can all chill a bit when it comes to how we feel. Life doesn’t care. There is nothing truly separate to like or dislike anyway.

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