EP235: It won’t work for me

An incredibly common thought that doesn’t look like a thought is, “It won’t work for me”.

Whether it’s becoming free from a habit, anxiety, or some other type of personal change, or becoming a successful coach or being able to support others, have a successful business, or any other venture, I hear it all the time. “It works for others, but won’t for me”.

This objection is nothing but a doubtful thought. This doubtful thought has a lot of close relatives like “I’m different”, “I’m special”, “There is something uniquely wrong with me”.

There is always a lot of evidence for this thought, all based on the past.

A mind will replay and rehash memories of the past and use these as proof of the future, as if it works this way. These thoughts will always prove themselves right. 

In this episode, I give some examples of how this common, simple thought shows up all over the place so that you can see it for what it is when it arises for you. 

What will “work” for you has nothing to do with you.


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