EP236: Welcoming What Arises Part 1: Why we don’t

In the next three podcast episodes I will be sharing the 3-part class I recently taught called Welcoming What Arises. 

Today’s episode shares Part 1 where I focus on why we don’t welcome what’s arising. 

I speak to the misunderstandings behind our habitual resistance and fear of feeling and the promise, power, and true freedom available when we lean in and feel what’s there. 

I discuss how not leaning in is at the root of 100% of suffering, habits, anxiety and anything else that looks like a problem. 

I am sharing these classes on Changeable because I honestly can’t think of a more important conversation to be having.  Please tune in and if you were at the free class live or have already listened, please listen again. You’ll hear so much more the second time around. 


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