A Step Behind or a Step Ahead?

When I talk about leaning into everything that arises with curiosity, it’s a little like watching a dramatic movie scene with no musical soundtrack telling you how you’re supposed to feel. 


The dramatic soundtrack may be playing, but your curiosity allows you to see that as a lens rather than as reality. 


When you’re exploring what’s arising from a place of I-don’t-know-anything-about-this, events, props and characters are just the events, props and characters. Dialogue is just dialogue.


You get to discover how sensations and emotions and thoughts feel. It is a discovery. If you think you already know how something feels you aren’t feeling it, you’re listening to your mind rehashing a past memory or creating a fictional story about it.


It takes curiosity to discover what’s arising, and that can feel hard. Curiosity requires a willingness to not be so smart. It requires humility, yielding to the mystery of life rather than staying a step ahead of things. 


This sounds dangerous to a mind but it’s not, because the mind doesn’t live you. Life lives you and the mind narrates. Life is choosing the plays and the mind is the Monday morning quarterback with an opinion on everything. It’s more than safe to yield to the mystery of life, explore what arises with curiosity and a mission to discover.  It’s the only sane thing to do. 


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