Losing Interest in Thought

man riding his bike with his arms stretched out to the side in a relaxed position

You can lose interest in thought.


It’s really not all that difficult. You sit back in and as the formless–in and as the seat of awareness–rather than hooking into temporary forms of thought and feeling.


You zoom out to notice that you’re aware of what’s rising and falling rather than zooming in on what’s rising and falling.


You’re aware that thought is happening and less interested in what thought is talking about.


You realize how habitual thought and feeling are. They are mostly conditioned, old, and repetitive. There is some new stuff, of course, but even that new stuff is typically just a recycled version of some familiar thought form or sensation.


You see that thought doesn’t do much for you. It’s not a problem or anything, but it’s also nothing to live your life by. You begin to notice that you’re lived from beyond thought, by and as life itself. Thought just narrates what is already unfolding.


When thought doesn’t look necessary or personal or true, it’s not so hard to lose interest.


When feeling appears perfect, safe energy arising exactly as it needs to, there’s no reason to run around trying to protect from it or prevent it.


When you’re zoomed out, resting as awareness, it’s easy to lose some interest in thought and feeling.


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