Why ‘Mastering’ Our Emotional Regulation Is So Powerful

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Today’s article was written by Change Coach Suzie Yeulett


We have very little control over what happens in life. I saw this when I lost my Mum.


Rather than this thought scaring me, it felt like freedom. There’s less for us ‘to do’, or to manage.


That doesn’t mean we do nothing, it means we can just do things with more ease and lightness. Things will always change anyway, with or without our input. Life IS change. Life lives us.


Innate Resilience.


I saw my own innate resilience when my Mum was at her end of life and I know it’s there in every human being, it’s just covered up by layers of thinking, beliefs, and concepts of the mind.


When we catch a glimpse of this resilience, we can navigate life more peacefully. It’s a knowing that we can be OK, irrespective of circumstance.


This knowing offers peace of mind in the moment. We are only ever alive now, in this very moment, and it’s where our only power to act (think & feel) is.


Emotional Regulation.


In the momentary, infinitesimal ‘gap’ between a circumstance and our reaction, in the exact present moment, our calmness and stillness makes all the difference in how we feel.


Awareness – and just taking a breath – can help us so much to respond mindfully, rather than to react in an instant.


We are designed to cope with anything in the present moment, even if it’s not of our choosing (like losing my Mum.)


Without this awareness and momentary stillness, reacting to a circumstance straight away can create more suffering – because we are arguing with reality and ‘what is’. This gives our power away to the circumstance, which doesn’t make any sense at all. We may not like the current reality, but it can’t be undone, so it’s a waste of energy (towards suffering) if we argue against it.


“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.”
Dr Wayne Dyer


Use your Superpower – and suffer less.


When we stop and breath into the moment, we clear our mind and settle into a deeper truth of who we are, our true nature.


At the heart of this space is love, and I think that is why I felt this with my Mum – everything else was stripped away, leaving pure love and nothing else. So the circumstance didn’t change, but the energy (mine and hers) changed to be only love. Words don’t really convey the feeling I had during that time, but it was a natural and spontaneous feeling of peace.


More Peace & Ease.


Awareness of this is life-changing. If you are suffering, try to remember this, slow down and settle into the moment. This is not about suppressing your feelings, it’s about allowing your feelings because all feelings are OK. But, if we feel our feelings, they will pass in that ‘gap’ we’ve given ourselves.


I think this can help us to live with more peace and ease.


“Quite the mind and the soul will speak.”


See more from Suzie here: https://www.sychangecoach.com/


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