The Trust Experiment

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Today’s article was written by Change Coach Suzie Yeulett


I’m suggesting a trust experiment to play with. It’s a simple idea, based on how I see the World and our role in it (or life itself, in other words.)


Are you serious?


Throughout the day, our conditioned (survival) mind will jump in with ‘what ifs’ to help prepare and protect us.


But, what if everything turns out exactly as it should, moment to moment, and we can drop the seriousness?


Life lives us and flows naturally, constantly in motion. We are just part of the flow, but our conditioned mind tells us otherwise with these added what ifs (or the perceived need for control.) It’s mechanical however, running an unconscious program, innocently doing ‘it’s job’ to keep us safe. But life today is pretty safe in general and our survival is not routinely threatened (compared to past generations.)


Our nervous system responds to the outdated mind-machine however, and we experience our natural fight or flight responses more often than is perhaps necessary.


With awareness of this, we can really feel our feelings (ie, sensations & thoughts) in the moment, and show our nervous system that we’re fine and there’s nothing concrete to fight or run from.


Our perfect design


We’re perfectly designed to cope in the moment, with reality, just as it is. The analysing, planning and over-thinking we often believe is necessary, could actually be causing our suffering.


In an emergency situation, we tend to act impulsively and effectively, because we become focussed on the immediacy of the present moment. We drop unnecessary thinking, since there’s less mental space for ‘what if’ rumination when something is actually happening, now.


This is huge to see and so freeing. If we know and can trust our design, we can enjoy the vast and miraculous experience of life in the moment, taking in what’s really here. There’s nothing we can sanely pre-plan for in the mind, because how can the mind possibly know what’s going to happen next?


Wake up to now


We can use how we feel as a guide, or a friendly alarm, to wake us up to the reality of the present (real) moment. If we feel constricted in any way, it’s just a helpful sign to relax, slow down or wait.


We can stop, take a breath, pause and feel whatever is present, to show our nervous system that the personal mind can take a backseat.


In this open and allowing state, with less serious attention on the ‘what ifs’ that can still occur – and more appreciation for what is – we can really notice the beauty and wonder of life.


Let go to expand


This is not only freeing, it’s expansive.


Now is unlimited by anything that has come before, so it’s a field of unknown, pure potential.


If we trust life and release the need to try and control outcomes, or meet imagined expectations, we can relax. We can rest in harmony with the flow of life and allow it to carry us on this amazingly creative and unpredictable journey.


Will you play with this a little, by dropping seriousness and trusting life more often?


“If the only thing that people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the World.”

Sydney Banks


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