EP282: Coaching and the Illusion of the Separate Self 

Today’s episode is the replay of a webinar I recently held with Rohini Ross on how the way we work with people and the way we mentor others to work with people is rooted in awakening from the illusion of the separate self rather than bettering things for who we take ourselves to be.

I discuss the me-and-my-life paradigm that is dominant. From the perspective of a separate me with a life, suffering is inevitable. Huge ups and downs are inevitable. Hope, disappointment, and seeking are inevitable. It can’t really be any other way when we feel like a separate me with a life to manage. 

There is no winning the me-and-my-life game because everything we’re chasing is constantly changing.

Our coaching looks in a totally different direction, toward awakening from that illusion. It’s not agenda-based or about bettering anything. It’s immediate. It’s about waking up to what is here now, in reality rather than in imagination (i.e., someday).

Rohini’s sharing is really beautiful in this conversation. Enjoy!

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