EP300: Resting as your true nature (Working with thought and awareness)

Episode 300 is all about working with thought and awareness to re-cognize your true nature.

Awareness is always-present. It is who and what you are. It is overlooked due to identification with thought.

Thought, attended to and identified with, is dead. It’s not always-present nor is it who or what you are.

How to re-familiarize yourself with your true nature and unhook from identifying with thought (which is suffering, by the way)? It’s simple but can take a little practice. 

  1. Rest as awareness. 
  2. Recognize the dualistic thought patterns that are trying to feed off your energy and attention and do not feed them.

I’ll walk through some examples in this episode. 

This 300th episode feels like the point of the previous 299. I hope you can hear and feel the simplicity in what’s being shared here! 

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