Can’t we all just Get Along?

There are some people you can’t easily avoid, much as you might like to. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that they don’t have to get under your skin quite the way they do. No offense, but they get under your skin because of how you think about them, not because of who they are.

People aren’t born mean; mean is a mask people wear when they are insecure and hurting. (That helps a little, doesn’t it?)

Nothing they do has anything at all to do with you. Ever. Even when they say it does, it doesn’t. (Helping?)

Finally, we’re each living in our own little reality in which everything we do makes some semblance of sense. Not to others of course, but it makes sense to us, within our picture of the world. It’s not so much about forgiving others for being mean, as much as it’s about understanding that what they are doing is somehow natural and sensible to them in a way we’ll never understand.

The short video below elaborates a bit. Hoping this takes the edge off dealing with the “meanies” in your life…


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