A Super Entertaining Story about Silence and Peace

I’d really love it if you’d read this hilarious and entertaining article.    silence

My friend Lisa wrote it about her year of silence. Her year of silence was a long time ago, but as you can imagine, spending a year in silence is kind of a big deal in one’s life. So it took her a while to put it into words. 

You know I typically share my own articles but I adore this one and think you will too for many reasons.

It is really funny and sarcastic and honest. And full of cool pictures like the one up there. And very simple but also really profound.

And here’s the big thing I want to ask of you: see if you can read this more as entertainment (the way it is written) rather than as a tool for something or a means to an end. In other words, don’t think too much. Just read it for fun (and it IS fun, trust me) and let things land (or not) where they may (or may not).



The Weird Story of my Year of Silence and Finding Inner Peace (Plus a Lazy Person’s Guide to Meditation)

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