Two Conversations about Life, Habits, Consciousness and Insight

I have two conversations for you this week. Both are about seeing how our human experience unfolds within and through us, moment-to-moment.

Which should you check out? Both! But let me give you a little low-down on each so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

The first conversation is with Lydia Wente, lifestyle coach and really cool, down to earth person (she has a newsletter and a bunch of great videos about binge eating and about more general lifestyle and health tips. She’s definitely one to follow if you’re into those things).

We talk about the new book a bit, binge eating (how I stopped, how she stopped, and how we both help others stop) quite a bit, and also about levels of consciousness, how insight allows people to change instantly at times, and some other cool stuff that’s slipping my mind right now. This one’s a video, so maybe check it out in your cubicle or at home tonight when you can watch. (Unless you want to just listen to the audio only—in that case, listen anytime).


The second conversation is with Lian Brooke-Tyler at Born Happy. Lian and I talk all about habits—what they really are at their core (not only the behavioral part we all see, but what’s underneath the surface), how seeing something new about how we operate makes anything possible, and how habits—by definition—rely on thoughts about the past. That last part was a little insight I had during our call. This one is audio only, so it might be a good commute or workout-time choice (but don’t let my suggestions limit you).


Enjoy them both, and please reach out with comments or questions about what you’re hearing!



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