If It’s Always Changing, Can it Be True? How to Gaze toward the Truth, not the Noise

Instead of an article this week, I made a video for you. It’s about what’s True (never-changing, constant) and, well, everything else in life.

There’s not much that never changes. Just one thing that I can see.

Which means that pretty much everything else we experience in life, both within and around us, is constantly in flux.

All of that normal life stuff–our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, surroundings, circumstances–are not Truth because they are always in motion–changing form, rising, falling, fading. They are not ‘us’ because they are different in every moment. And they are not something to take so seriously because…why? If they are changing form, rising, falling, and fading, why get attached?

Watch the video to hear a bit on where to set your drishti (a gazeless gaze that allows you to see the world as it is) and how this distinction is so helpful in considering your habits and those places you feel stuck. 


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