If Your Thoughts aren’t True, Why do they Feel so True?

Another video!

It’s an excellent question: If our thinking is so subjective, so ever-changing, influenced by our moods and a million other things, why does it FEEL so true?

Why does it look and feel as if our conclusions are clear and obvious reflections of reality?

If it’s helpful to let thought and emotion flow through us, why do we get caught up in our own heads so easily? Why do we go from being largely in-the-world little kids, to being largely in-our-heads adults? 

These are excellent questions. As much as it often looks like there’s a flaw in the design, there is not.

I hope you enjoy this 10 min video where I talk about how our attachment to our own thinking began in a healthy, well-intentioned way…and why it’s also healthy and well-intentioned to rely on it less. 

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