Why it is Necessary to Know That You Are Always Already Home

We all have one singular motivation for everything we do in life: we want to feel at home. Why You Need to Know that You are Always Already Home

There are a million ways you might express that one universal desire. You might say you want to feel like yourself, know your true self, be relaxed and on purpose in life…

…you might say you want to feel connection, peace, love…

Those are different ways of saying the same thing. We want to be home. We want to touch that quiet part of ourselves that is who we are, the part that comes before our thoughts, opinions, and habits. It comes before what we’ve done or who we think we are.

The truth that is often hard to see is that we are always home.

I know, it doesn’t’ feel like we’re always home. We don’t feel on purpose, in love, connection or peace.

But feelings aren’t indicators of the truth. Feelings are just a reflection of the thoughts, habits, moods, memories and labels that happen to be arising within you in the moment. They are not such a big deal. They aren’t ‘you’ and they can’t affect ‘home’.

When you identify with them, they certainly feel like ‘you’ and they feel like a very big deal. And still, they aren’t.

It’s okay—a really great idea, actually—to pay less attention to how you feel and more attention to what is always true about all human beings.

There are really just two options: you can be home and know it, or you can be home and not know it because you’re too caught up in your current thoughts and feelings to see it.

Either way, you’re always home—and that’s important to know because when you know it, you see it in your life.

Back when I thought my innate nature was anxious and flawed, I saw that everywhere and took it very seriously when I did.

When I learned that my innate nature—‘home’—is chock full of guiding wisdom, common sense, love, natural connection, and that the real ‘I’ has never been flawed or anxious for even a second, I see that everywhere and I identify with it when I do.  

And man, does that make a difference.

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