Fixing the Illusion

“Many therapies work on fixing an illusion…. You don’t need to do that. Come out of it altogether!” –Mooji

If you were in my Truth class in the past couple of weeks, you saw my chattering teeth. teeth

They are my new favorite prop to demonstrate how our minds talk, talk, talk, talk, talk constantly.

Just like the wound-up chattering teeth your mind is always thinking, narrating life with its own opinions and stories. The content of those stories isn’t true or real in any firm sense.

It is illusory.

It’s a real-feeling illusion, but it’s an illusion nonetheless. It is unstable, always changing, looking different from one moment to the next. You can’t reach out and touch a thought or feeling. You can’t hold it in place—it comes and goes on its own.

If something is real, there would be some stability to it. Some consistency, some solidity. But our thinking does not have that. Our feelings, moods, and behaviors do not have that.

They are like holograms; projections from our mind that look real and solid, but aren’t. (What is stable and true is that we are always thinking; that we are the thinker and experiencer of life. That doesn’t change. But the content of our experience changes with the wind.)

You don’t go into a hologram and try to rearrange the details if you don’t like them. You simply see the hologram as a hologram.

You don’t try to change the course of your dreams once you wake up. You’re awake—you’ve come out of the dream and there’s nothing more you need to do.

All human experience has those illusory, hologram-like and dream-like qualities. Daytime thoughts and feelings are not fundamentally different than nighttime thoughts and feelings (dreams). They only appear that way.

Mooji says it in the quote above and in the video below. There’s nothing in our experience to fix. That’s fixing an illusion.

Instead, we can wake up to it and come out if it altogether.

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