[Video]: Why is my Friend (who has Stage 4 Cancer) More Peaceful Each Time I See Her!? A Striking Example of the Power of Understanding.

I’m always having conversations with people about the fact that we feel our own mental dialogue, and only our own mental dialogue, all day every day.

Life is an inside-out experience, coming from within our own minds, not from the world around us or from the things happening to us.

And I totally get that that can be hard to fully grasp. And when people find what look like exceptions (“Oh, I understand that, but if you had my mother-in-law/chronic pain/special needs child….”)

I’m not even kidding a little bit when I say there are zero exceptions. I’m sure I’d think some really painful things too, if I had your mother-in-law, chronic pain, or special needs child. And I’d be feeling my own thinking, not the outside facts.

Because this can be a tough thing to see in its full profundity, I want you to hear from my friend Wendi.

Wendi is really amazing (and she’s also really normal, just like us).  She lives a busy life with a husband, a couple kids, work to do in the world, and she has cancer.

The change I’ve seen in Wendi since I first met her a few years ago is striking. She is more and more peaceful and grounded every time I see her. And her cancer hasn’t gone away.

Her life isn’t getting dramatically easier on the outside, but it’s far easier on the inside. She’s a clear-as-day example of the power of this understanding we both teach.

Please take some time to watch my conversation with Wendi. It really is quite profound.

And if you want to hear more from her, you can find her here.

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