EP40: A New Look at Sleepless Nights with Jen Lucas

Jen had trouble sleeping for a long time.  Seeing something about how her experienced worked helped...a lot.

In this episode, Jen and I talk about some of the things she came to see about how her mind and body work, and the role the “insomnia” label played in her sleepless nights.

Life is fluid. You aren’t an insomniac or any other label you might innocently slap onto yourself. Seeing the moment-to-moment nature of things can change so, so much.

I love the depth and simplicity in the way Jen shares. At the end of our conversation she looked at me and said “I can’t believe I just shared all of that in 20 minutes!” It’s not complicated. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy to see our way out of what we’re in, but solutions are always simple.

You can see more about Jen here: http://www.jenlucas.us/sleep


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