A Reliable Mystery

woman walking in a parkWe have a lot of discussions in The Little School of Big Change about how change happens. 

Not how our mind generalizes and narrates change, and not a comparison of how things used to be versus how they are now. But about how change actually happens.

This feels like a question I should be able to answer but I can’t, really. 

What I can say is that – in the context of my work- it often looks something like this:

A person is curious about the nature of their experience. They may be naturally curious or they may only be curious because they want to be free from suffering. Freedom from suffering is a perfectly fine motivation. 

They are curious enough, or suffering enough, to be open to the idea that life may not be how it appears, so we explore that together. We look at their experience rather than their thoughts about their experience. I ask a lot of ‘what if?’ questions. We consider that perhaps the ideas and opinions and desires and agendas their mind is clinging to aren’t best, necessary, or even relevant. 

They open themselves to seeing their suffering, their identity, and basically everything about their lives in a totally different way. They become willing to look beyond the dramatic stories playing in their head. They feel–rather than resist–the feelings that arise. 

This is not always easy. But they do it, we do it together, and at some point they look back and notice that things have changed, similar to the way you walk outside one afternoon and realize that winter is being replaced with spring. 

It’s a mysterious, magical, yet incredibly reliable process that is a true gift to witness. 


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