EP213: Rebecca’s Change Story: Deconstruction and shedding beliefs that no longer fit 

Rebecca left the religious institution that was a huge part of her life for 18 years. 

The process of deconstructing her identity and the beliefs it was based upon was a somewhat messy one with moments of anger, fear, guilt, and sadness. It was a process of grief.

As Rebecca shares, it was also a process where she learned to more deeply listen to intuition. She confided in and trusted others, which helped a lot. But most of all, she learned to listen to and trust her own inner knowing. 

Her own intuition guided her out of beliefs that no longer fit, toward a space of knowing and believing very little. That “I don’t know” space felt like freedom. In that space of letting life lead the way, her eating disorder of nearly 20 years fell away. 

There is so much in Rebecca’s deconstruction story that speaks to the power of thought and our ability to hear beyond inherited thoughts and beliefs. I know you’ll hear so much in this conversation.

Rebecca is a Change Coach who supports people with eating issues and other habits. She also holds space for people going through their own deconstruction process. If you resonate with what you hear in this conversation, I highly recommend reaching out to Rebecca at https://www.homeinsidecoaching.com/


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