When in Doubt, Feel

When in doubt, feel.

Feeling what’s arising is the ironic way to suffer less. Yes, leaning into discomfort makes it not feel so much like discomfort. The resistance is gone. The hiding and fear are gone. Leaning into safe, perfect energy is all there is.

When you feel, what wants to happen is happening. It’s a relief, no different than a deep breath after holding your breath. No different than eating after starving or resting after hard work.

Yet, freely feeling is oh so rare.

If I coached 50 people in various ways last week, at the root of suffering for 50 out of 50 of them was resistance to what was arising.

Refusal to feel.

We don’t like the anger that’s arising so we try to see things in a nicer light to bypass or soften what’s arising. This is resistance and it will always hurt more in the end.

We don’t think grief should last this long so we try to cheer ourselves up with more work, purchases, or closer relationships. When these things are used to distract from sadness, sadness knocks louder.

We don’t want to face old resentments, traumas or regrets so our mind fixates on food or anxiety or lower back pain instead. We always suffer more this way.

I can look at any suffering and see a resistance to feeling at the center of it. Look for yourself. You’ll see it too.

When in doubt, feel. Welcome what’s arising even when your mind says that’s a bad idea. Energy is arising to be felt, not to be pushed away.


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