Bonus Episode: A coaching session on needing a food plan

Suzanne went through LSBC in Spring 2020. During and immediately following the course, her longtime bulimia habit was nonexistent. 

This freedom lasted for a couple months. Then one day, as often happens, she experienced some old habitual thoughts and did some old habitual behaviors.

At that moment, Suzanne thought “I guess LSBC didn’t work” and she swung in the direction of coping with food addiction, following strict food plans for the past 2.5 years…with little success and very little freedom. 

This conversation highlights how a mind makes up how our change should look…and how wrong it is. It also shows how messy the process of eating can be when one has been handing that process over to rules and plans for a long time. 

If you haven’t listened to EP229 with Kristina Bruce, I highly recommend listening to that one along with this one. That episode will help shed light on how Suzanne’s desire to control her eating is the one and only thing in the way. 

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