EP230: Life after alcohol with Jim Hobbs

Drinking was part of Jim’s life and identity for several decades.

From his first drink as a teenager, it was something he associated with feeling like himself and having fun. 

It seemed fun until it didn’t anymore; then, it threatened his health, peace of mind, and his most important relationships. Jim stopped drinking 5 years ago and his life has opened up in amazing, unexpected ways.


Jim talks about how drinking serves a purpose at a particular time, but that it’s often time to quit when the pain becomes bigger than the benefit. 

He shares how quitting means we’re faced with the reasons we drank. Jim talks about feeling discomfort and how connection with others and with our spiritual essence is what gets us through.


Jim talks about how we can’t possibly imagine life as a non-drinker when we’re a drinker. He talks about the grief we can face when we leave this identity behind, and he stresses the importance of our connection to our essence as the way through anything in life.

There is so much that’s incredibly helpful in this conversation with Jim Hobbs. If you’d like to reach out to Jim, you can contact him at jhobbs@caron.org

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