Attachment to Ideas is Supposed to Hurt

Suffering is feedback, showing us that we’re attached to ideas and thoughts that appear true, but aren’t. For example, when you believe you’re not good enough or life should be other than how it is, you suffer. That suffering is alerting you to your identification with a fleeting, false idea.


Like suffering, habits and anxiety are guides too. They get your attention. They are life graciously showing you that you’re innocently misidentifying with fleeting, changing experience.


Suffering, including habits and anxiety, are helpful guides, showing you when you’re confusing fleeting experience with truth. Suffering is showing you that you’re identified with a thought as if it’s the truth of who you are.


Can you imagine?


All this time, suffering, habits, anxiety, worries, low moods, and insecurity looked personal, like giant problems to solve.


And all this time, they were the most sweet, helpful, loving pointers back home. They are there to remind you to recognize the fear, resistance, or attachment to thought you might be experiencing for the fleeting experience it is, so that you can naturally feel like yourself again.



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