EP231: A coaching session (sort of) about getting stuff done

JoJo had a self-proclaimed, longtime issue around making progress in her business.

She’d know what she wanted to do, she’d sit down to do it, and she’d become easily overwhelmed. The thing would not get done. She felt more victimized by this overwhelm each time this happened. 

An interesting thing happened, though. She volunteered to be coached around this, I said yes, and we scheduled our session for a week or two out. From the time she volunteered to the time we spoke (which you’ll hear in this episode), things had really shifted for her. 

This overwhelm looked more like something that simply arose. It looked less personal and powerful. JoJo was actually taking more action than she had been.

Awesome! All of this to say, this isn’t exactly a coaching session because she really didn’t need much coaching. My role was more like helping her ground in what she was already seeing and experiencing. 

While this is not much of a coaching session, it is an excellent conversation as JoJo shares how things have shifted for her. This conversation will be just as helpful for anyone feeling similar resistance or overwhelm. There is so much to see in what JoJo shares.

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