Life Is Change

It can look like we’re responsible for making things happen.


Life looks like our responsibility. Our outcomes, including our own peace of mind, happiness, and anything we want to change, appear to be up to us to figure out.


But what if change is not up to us?


What if human minds love to take credit for things, but that’s all that’s happening…a brain taking credit for what is done naturally by life. Life happens through us, not by us.


When everything looks up to you, you have little choice but to live from your head. After all, you have a lot to manage! But as you begin to see that perhaps life is done through you, not by you, you’re freed up to go along for the ride.


When you’re not in your head, you’re more in life, in real time, present, and responsive. You see things you wouldn’t otherwise see. You have ideas and new thoughts you wouldn’t otherwise have.


When you’re more relaxed and present, you feel better. There’s far less to cope with, so there is no need for habits. They do nothing for you because there’s nothing to distract from or cope with.


Life beats your heart, digests your lunch, changes the seasons, spins the planets, and turns cells into chubby babies. Life also moves all psychological experience through you, revealing your resilient, essential nature beyond it.


You’re not needed for any of these things. Maybe you don’t need to make change happen either.




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