A Watched Pot Boils (it Just Feels Like it Doesn’t)

We’ve been led to believe that our thoughts and feelings are ours to manage and control.


At the very least, most people believe there are things we can do to help our mind relax or to help ourselves feel better. But what if thoughts and feelings change completely on their own, all the time?


You couldn’t stop them if you tried. If I paid you a million dollars to think or feel the same thing for an hour, you couldn’t do it. The thoughts and feelings that move through you have a life and momentum of their own. Their nature is to move and change.


And they do, but it can be easy to miss. We can easily get caught up in what we’re experiencing and it can feel like it’s been there forever, or that it doesn’t change. It can very easily look like we need to meditate for our mind to quiet, or that we need to go for a walk, or talk with a friend in order for our mood to change.


But what if that’s an innocent misunderstanding? It’s looked that way because we’ve believed that’s the way it works. Today, I invite you to look again.


Really look. Don’t take my word for it, see what you discover when you look.


It only seems like they don’t sometimes because we’re focused on what we’re experiencing, the same way a pot of water seems to take much longer to boil when you’re watching it.



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