EP234: A coaching session on feeling tortured by your mind

Jackie feels like her mind is torturing her. She says it’s constantly telling her what a bad person she is and predicting a horrible future.  When Jackie’s mind talks this way–which is often–entire days can be spent in what feels like depression and anxiety.

As if that weren’t enough, Jackie experiences a lot of guilt and shame over the fact that she’s so ungrateful. She has an objectively great life but she doesn’t enjoy it because of these thoughts and feelings. 

These thoughts and feelings appear heavy, personal, and meaningful to Jackie. She sort of knows they aren’t true, but not in any way that actually helps. 

Because this energy feels so BAD, it is resisted. Pushed away. Judged. Not felt. 

Listen in as Jackie and I explore the truth of her experience and as she opens to feeling– welcoming, even–everything that arises. 


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