Separation is dangerous. Good thing it’s not real.

Everything you experience and everything you see in the world around you is filtered through the often invisible, yet incredibly powerful lens of me-and-my-life.


For starters, it looks like there is a you, separate from life, having a life. It looks like there is a you, separate from life, to whom good, bad, wanted and unwanted things in life are happening.


When there is a you, separate from the whole of life, to whom life is happening, you might not be okay.


If you’re on your own and life is beyond your control, that’s kind of terrifying, isn’t it? Life could be dangerous. It could get really uncomfortable. It could hurt, or even kill, you.


You could die.


Because the world looks dangerous for a separate me, there’s a near-constant search for protection. Almost everything we do is about avoiding things that don’t feel comfortable or safe, and seeking out things that will bring more comfortable, safe feelings.


This process creates every habit and pattern we have.


They go hand-in-hand with believing you’re separate from life itself.





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