The Neutral Zone

Image of large sea wave cresting

Today’s article was written by Change Coach Dave Fry


The words may not do this story justice because it felt like swimming under giant waves in the ocean. You know when you watch the surfers fall off their boards into those rolling waves and wonder why they’re not shredded into pieces from the crushing force? Supposedly, a special place just below the water’s surface acts like a shield against gravity. The waves spiral over as they peak at the top, then accelerate towards their demise. They crash into calmness.


I was sitting at my desk, doodling on my calendar, when I could see that it’s been a while since I’ve noticed anything like a feeling. I could still feel the river’s movement, but nothing describing the experience.


I knew I was in between, and that was the calmness underneath the rolling hills of water taking me gently along for the ride. “In between,” defined by my imagination, was later described as the neutral zone.


I was in that perfect place before any problem existed. The neutral zone was the flowing water, and on either side was an imagined problem, unable to reach me but readily on high alert to be my next concern.


I could feel the energy of my next problem trying to pull me out of the zone so that it could have a life of its own. It grabbed my wrist as firmly as a hand made from water could. I immediately felt its heaviness seeping through my skin. Surprisingly, I knew what was happening. I pulled my arm loose and kept flowing through the frictionless body of water where no problems existed. I was perfectly aware of the experience as a lucid daydream, even if it was passing through briefly!


It was wild to witness it so obviously yet metaphorically from an image of moving, rolling, flowing, like the animated principles of water.


When we’re in a problem that otherwise didn’t exist moments ago, it becomes the most significant pointer to whether what feels physically accurate is actually the truth. Problems are grabby! They want to be seen, to be known, to be heard, to be felt, and desire to exist.


It was another beautiful glimpse into seeing matterless problems acting as protective wetsuits in an otherwise unfathomable occurrence of the world’s largest ocean of imagination and observing its truth of the mystery in infinite possibilities.


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