Behind the Veil

As I’ve reminded you many times, you are perfect. There is nothing wrong with you. Behind the Veil

Self-help is a massive misnomer. The only help you might need is understanding.

Understanding that when your perfection and peace of mind are not obvious, they are only being veiled by personal thought.

Understanding that personal thought is highly subjective. Arbitrary, even. That everything you see out in the world is filtered through your own idiosyncratic lens.

I’m not saying those things don’t exist. I’m saying they don’t exist the way you see them. See the difference?

Understanding that there is nothing to do. You don’t have to do life better. Instead, just try to take your thinking less seriously. That’s all.

When you take your thinking less seriously, the veil shifts and perfection and peace of mind are right there waiting for you.

This is the only “self-help” you will ever need.

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