A Video Interview sort of about Anxiety, but Really About Being Human

My client and colleague, David Hamilton, recently interviewed me about understanding and ultimately having a different experience of anxiety.

But as these conversations tend to go, what started off as something kind of specific to one human experience (anxiety) quickly expanded and unfolded into a look at the bigger nature of being human. David and I talk about what it means to be human, what we all have in common, what we all have going for us, and what we all face.

I love how a common “problem” can open all of that up.

One of the things I hope you take from this conversation is that we’re all the same. All human beings operate in the same way. 

The details are different–how our anxieties and other insecure thoughts show up differs from person to person.  But underneath that surface commotion, we are all remarkably similar. 

Our fundamental similarities are where to look. When we look at the ways in which we are all One we see more about our basic nature. And the understanding of our nature is what makes way for a more grounded experience of life.


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