Want to Experiment with Letting Go and Letting Life Lead the Way? Join me for The Surrender Experiment!

I recently read a book that blew my mind.

It’s called The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer (the author of The Untethered Soul, a book I reference and recommend at the end of Being Human).

surrender exp The Surrender Experiment is the true story of what the author experienced when he stopped trying to control everything that showed up in his life and let life lead the way.

He realized that his personal preferences led him to fight against life rather than flow with it, so he attempted to set those aside and assume that something far wiser than him knew what to do.

I don’t want to give it away for you, but the outcome of his experiment was pretty incredible. I’ve been playing with this myself over the past couple of weeks and have been blown away with how good it feels to accept, rather than argue with, what shows up.

So, I thought it would be even more powerful and more fun to play this game with you in the form of a 4 week “experiment”.  Are you game?

Here’s how it will work:

** As soon as you sign on to experiment, I’ll send you a copy of The Surrender Experiment book. If you choose the kindle version, you’ll get it instantly. If you prefer a paperback, please send me your mailing address and you’ll get a copy within 3 days. (If you already have the book, I encourage you to give the paperback to someone who might benefit. Or, you can donate your copy and I will pass it on to one of my clients on your behalf).

** You’ll have about 2 weeks to read the book, depending on how soon you sign up. It’s a quick read, but I encourage you to sign up and read the book as soon as you can to be finished by the time class begins.

** We’ll have 4 60 minute weekly calls beginning July 15th.. In our first call, we’ll discuss the book and lay out the experiment.  The next three weeks will be spent discussing our results and looking at what this experiment and our results mean for the way we experience our everyday lives.

** We’ll also have a secret Facebook group where we can share and discuss between and beyond our calls.

This class is perfect for you if:

* You’re exhausted from trying so hard to get what you want in life  control freak

* You believe that what happens (or doesn’t happen) in life determines your experience of life

* You’re ready for an easier, more guided experience of life

* You have a hard time accepting life as it is, or you sense that your preferences and personal opinions cause a lot of your suffering


More details:

Please sign up using the PayPal button below. It is strongly recommended that you have a chance to read the book before we begin, so please try to sign up early to give yourself enough time.

As soon as you sign up, please send me an email at amy at dramyjohnson.com and let me know if you prefer a kindle or paperback version of The Surrender Experiment. Please include your mailing address if paperback.

The calls will be held on four consecutive Wednesdays beginning July 15th, all at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern time. So the calls will be July 15, July 22, July 29th, and August 5th. I am really excited to experiment with you!

The cost of the Experiment (including 4 Calls, private forum, and copy of the book) is $147


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