Think of Who Created Thought

Think of Who Created Thought Rather than being drawn outward, toward thoughts, sensations, stories, and the world “out there”, stay as the awareness of it all.

Rest as the screen rather than getting lost in the movie.

Rest as the light that illuminates what’s constantly moving and changing, rather than identifying with the moving and changing things being illuminated.

Rest in your heart rather than being drawn into your head or out into the world.

Rest in the space around any thought that forms. Thought is always trying to form; that’s not a problem or an obstacle.

Just see if you can notice its rise and fall rather than hooking yourself to it and rising and falling with it.

You aren’t the thought form. You’re aware of its rising, falling, and flowing away.

Rest like a cat relaxing in the sun with a soft, wide gaze, not like a cat on a mouse hunt with a sharp, rigid focus. Our habit is to identify with thoughts, feelings, stories, and sensory information as if we’re on a hunt. Our focus draws them in and brings them to life as “my thoughts” and “my feelings”. From within a me-and-my-life story, they look like yours, but they aren’t yours at all. They are life doing what life does.

With a soft focus, the aperture opens. You’re zoomed out rather than zoomed in, and so much more is revealed.

Reading about this doesn’t do anything for you. Really do it. See if you can sense the pure being beyond thought forms, feelings, and stories. Soften your focus and be curious about who or what is aware of everything in awareness.

Rumi said, “Be empty of worrying. Think of who created thought.”

–Excerpt from an upcoming small book-like project 😉 More details soon!

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