Time is Thought

A habit or ongoing problem, by definition, requires memory.


It requires a brain that pulls ideas, concepts, and memories through time and draws sweeping conclusions about them. A brain that says, “This thing happened in the past, so I assume it’ll happen again in the future.”


Without a past and future conversation, there’s just Now. Anything that’s happening here and now is so incredibly fleeting. It is also incredibly impermanent and not inherently problematic. It’s only when our mind places it on a timeline and tells a meaningful, personal story about it, that it appears as a problem we need to fix.


Think about the things you’d like to change. Now imagine waking up tomorrow with amnesia. Would they still be a problem? Or would they simply be life occurring in this moment, here and now?


See if you can get a sense of how much a machine-brain, with its seemingly meaningful, seemingly personal, past and future-focused stories, contributes to what you experience as a problem.





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