EP308: Who cares?

In this episode, we explore one of my favorite phrases: Who cares?

We’ll look at this in two ways. First, who cares, as in ‘so what?’. Second, who cares as in ‘who is the one apparently experiencing caring?

Do you care about the things you’re reactive to? Do you really, or is caring a conditioned assumption that arises alongside some conditioned sensations?

Can you find the one who apparently cares, is “I care” one thought?


Starting in August and running for 10 weeks, I’ll be leading a group of people through the book Liberation Is: The End of the Spiritual Path by Salvadore Poe.

This book is simple and direct. It is not theoretical or conceptual. This is not a book that discusses your true nature – it’s a book designed to directly reveal your true nature.

I loved it when I read it, and I think you will too. 

We’ll have weekly calls, including one with the offer, and a forum to share insight as we’re doing the experiments together. 

I would love for you to join me! Go to dramyjohnson.com/bookclub/ to register


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